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Energy Alignment

Question:      What is energy alignment? Higgins:     Energy alignment is the descriptive name given to our energetic offerings. In this Shift of the Ages the planet is speeding up. We do not mean that it will spin faster on its axis. … Continue reading

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Upcoming Event

Higgins presents wonderful energy meditations to help us align our energy in peace and harmony. Bill Wolford has recorded some of this energy and set it to music on his latest CD, Meditation Vibrations, Energy Alignment Music. Join Bill Wolford at East … Continue reading

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How Does Music Affect Consciousness?

Question:     From your perspective. What is music and how does it affect consciousness? Or what impression does music make on All That Is? Note from Cheryl:     In this answer we are using affect to mean how is something influenced. Effect … Continue reading

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Meditation Vibrations to Music

Meditation Vibrations, Energy Alignment Music is now available on CD. Bill Wolford has created music for several energetic alignment meditations from Higgins. These meditations were created by Higgins to assist in raising our energetic frequencies. The CD begins with aligning … Continue reading

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How Does Higgins’ Energy Get Onto The CD?

Question: Hi Cheryl and Higgins, How does the energy of Higgins get onto the audio CD recording and how does the music and sounds fit in? Higgins:     The energy we produce through the entity’s body and through the bodies of … Continue reading

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How Can I Help My Daughter Sleep Through The Night? (Addendum)

Note from Cheryl:    I asked Higgins whether any of our energy attunement music meditations would be useful or appropriate for helping this child sleep better. Their suggestion for her is to start with Earthbliss Relaxation. It is an easy positive vibration to achieve. … Continue reading

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Musical Meditations

More Access to Higgins Higgins produces amazing energy through me. We have been able to record that energy and musician Bill Wolford set it to music. Each energetic meditation assists the listener in achieving the energetic vibration of the piece. At … Continue reading

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Interview Cancelled

Sorry everyone, apparently the recording of the interview had technical difficulties and will not be aired on Easter Sunday. Cheryl

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Music Meditation Interview

Hi Everyone, Bill Wolford and I have been interviewed by Jewels on Law of Attraction Talk Radio about the music meditations we’ve been doing. It will be aired Easter Sunday, 2012 at 5 PM on Cheryl  

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Music Meditations Question 5

Note from Cheryl: This is question number five (and the final question in this series) regarding the musical/vibrational meditations we’ve been making with musician Bill Wolford. Question: Does editing a piece of noise out of an energy track affect the … Continue reading

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