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Can Nature Turn Against Humans?

Question: Can nature turn against humans? Higgins: The answer is both yes and no. Whether you envision nature as trees, insects, mountains, rain, the great outdoors, or weather in general, each aspect of nature is in itself a sentient being. Every … Continue reading

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Do Crystals Affect the Human Energy Body?

Note:     This is part two of a two-part question/response. They talked about crystals and energy first (published October 28, 2012). Question:     I have a question for Higgins, when you get a chance. During the first part of the session they were reading … Continue reading

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Clarification of ‘October Energies and Vibrations’

Question:     In your recent post, October Energies and Vibrations, you said, “Seasons differ globally because Earth’s vibrational rhythm pulses around the globe like a heart beat.” I thought seasons differ due to the length of daylight and Earth’s distance from … Continue reading

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