About Cheryl Jensen and Higg(in)s

One night in the Spring of 2005 as I lay in bed asleep, or on the sweet edge of sleep, something slipped into my body awakening me. (Think of baseball when a runner slides into a base. It was like my body was a sack and something slid into it.) Whatever it was, the rush of it wakened me immediately. I was conscious enough to realize that I could not move, although I could think a little. I remember knowing it was Them, but thinking very much was impossible, as though if I thought very much it would toss them out, like a horse bucking off its rider, and in the gentlest, kindest way, that was not an option.

I was paralyzed and could not move, yet my legs and arms began to pedal like a swimming dog. My head nodded up and down while my mouth opened and closed. I don’t know how long this went on. Probably not long. And then it was morning.

That was my first contact with them that I was aware of.

At that time, I was practicing meditation and it became routine for me to sit each evening and allow them to inhabit my body for an hour or so. It was not many weeks before they began to speak. Speech was rudimentary at first. They practiced vowel sounds for some time before any actual words were formed.

I was embarrassed to tell anyone about this on several levels, naturally. For one, I had been introduced to Abraham-Hicks just prior to their arrival and I wasn’t sure that this was real, that I wasn’t somehow copying Esther Hicks. Nevertheless, this co-habitation of my body persisted so convincingly that eventually I did begin sharing with a few close people.

This energy eventually conveyed to me that they wished to be called Higgins. Higgins spent thirteen years coaching me in what they called the Wisdom Phase. While I was welcome to share during this time, and did share, they maintained that the Wisdom Phase was to help me learn to carry their energy. They were preparing me for the eventual arrival of the Knowledge Phase, the Knowledge Phase being the reason for our connection.

Higgins left in 2008 after thirteen years. At that time, they said they would be back in a few months. They did connect with me in my sleep after that, but it wasn’t until this time last year, 2021, that I felt they might be on their way back to work with me and through me again in a more overt way.

Last spring, when Russia invaded Ukraine, we did complete a series of meditations for Ukraine, via Zoom. At the end of the series Higgins said they would do some data collection. After that, we would begin the Knowledge Phase in earnest. During this time, they also changed the spelling of their name to Higg(in)s. My understanding is that this reflects that the power of the Universe is embedded in us, rather than being an external source.

Recently, it seems as though there is movement on their part. Perhaps we will be working together again soon? I’m hoping so.

Bright Blessings,


12 Responses to About Cheryl Jensen and Higg(in)s

  1. Audriana Hunt says:

    Why call them Higgins? Just wondering LOL

  2. stephen says:

    Hi Cheryl,
    Does Higgins have specific information about future events, seeing the future,
    or a general wisdom about information presented to him, them? Does Higgins have an agenda? Where is Higgins from, how did Higgins “reach” you. Will more Higgins be contacting other people.
    I look forward to your response
    Thank you
    Steve Clark

  3. Jhendi says:

    Hello Cheryl and Higgins,

    I was recently reading your post “Regarding Suicide.” Is it true that it we commit suicide, we do not learn the lessons we intended to learn when we planned our lives in spirit. If we commit suicide, do we have to come back to learn those lessons? Or can it be that suicide is the lesson and we don’t have to come back to reexperiencence the heartache that brought us to that point?

  4. Hi Cheryl,

    Can Higgins tell us about the Akashic Record? Is there a way us physicals to access it!

  5. Kathy Reiff says:

    I am so hopeful that the Knowledge Phase is coming soon…

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