About Cheryl Jensen and Higgins

Question: Who is channeling Higgins?

Answer: My name is Cheryl Jensen. I channel Higgins.

I’m 46 years old. Married. I have a day job, a dog and a cat. I write, garden, walk the dog and when the weather is fine in the summer, wake surf. Until seven years ago I did not believe in this channeling stuff. But one night while I lay in bed asleep, something slipped into my body awakening me. (Think of baseball when a runner slides into a base. It was like my body was a sack and something slid right inside it.)

I was paralyzed and at the same time that I myself could not move they pedaled my legs and arms and opened and closed my mouth repeatedly.

That was my first contact with them that I was aware of. (Since then I’ve remembered lots of other attempts by them to awaken me to their presence.)

At that time I was practicing meditation and it became routine for me to sit each evening and allow them to inhabit my body for and hour or so. It was not many weeks before they began to speak. Speech was rudimentary at first. They practiced vowel sounds for some time before any actual words were formed.

I was embarrassed to tell anyone about this because I had been introduced to Abraham-Hicks just prior to meeting Higgins. I was sure that this could not be real, that I was somehow copying Esther Hicks. Either way, this co-habitation of my body persisted so convincingly that eventually I did share with my pastor and then a few friends and family members.

From early on it was quite clear that I needed to share this information in some way. I host a few small live sessions each month and although I’ve done that regularly since the beginning it is not my preferred method. I love to write and suspect that is why I enjoy blogging so much. We also have a book out, Higgins’ Manual on Physical Existence is available on Amazon.

I’m interested in the Maharishi Effect and practice developing this kind of energetic radiation with Higgins. We do meditations sharing specific energetic frequencies through and around the Earth. Recently we had the opportunity to use Skype to meditate with people in different locations and that was highly successful.

We’ve recorded some of these meditations and musician Bill Wolford put them to music. Our first recorded offering is at  higginsandco.bandcamp.com. We then specifically attempted a musical recording. Find that at http://meditationvibrations.com.

Anyway, thanks for asking Who is Channeling Higgins? I forget sometimes that it might be interesting to know who this information comes through.



November 18, 2012

10 Responses to About Cheryl Jensen and Higgins

  1. Audriana Hunt says:

    Why call them Higgins? Just wondering LOL

  2. stephen says:

    Hi Cheryl,
    Does Higgins have specific information about future events, seeing the future,
    or a general wisdom about information presented to him, them? Does Higgins have an agenda? Where is Higgins from, how did Higgins “reach” you. Will more Higgins be contacting other people.
    I look forward to your response
    Thank you
    Steve Clark

  3. Jhendi says:

    Hello Cheryl and Higgins,

    I was recently reading your post “Regarding Suicide.” Is it true that it we commit suicide, we do not learn the lessons we intended to learn when we planned our lives in spirit. If we commit suicide, do we have to come back to learn those lessons? Or can it be that suicide is the lesson and we don’t have to come back to reexperiencence the heartache that brought us to that point?

  4. Hi Cheryl,

    Can Higgins tell us about the Akashic Record? Is there a way us physicals to access it!

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