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Pick the Low Hanging Fruit

Question:     Based on the previous post, Thinks About Pain All the Time, the asker responded, “I feel doomed.” Higgins:     Friend, we have talked about manifesting your desires for a long time and we have said: Lao Tzu–The journey of a … Continue reading

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Thinks About Pain All the Time

Question:     You get what you think about. I think about pain all the time. How can I think of something else when I hurt like this? Higgins:     Distraction is the key. When your mind is completely occupied upon some other … Continue reading

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Sins and Blasphemies Against the Holy Spirit

Question:      The Bible says something about the unforgivable sin, Mark 3:28-30: “Truly I tell you, all sins and blasphemes will be forgiven for the sons of men. But whoever blasphemes against the Holy Spirit will never be forgiven, but is guilty of an … Continue reading

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The Trinity

Question:     (From post on October 6, 2016) They talked about the Trinity and what the Trinity really was. They said “You are the father.” Very interesting. I say that because Jesus referenced The Father a lot, but He was referring … Continue reading

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