Sins and Blasphemies Against the Holy Spirit

Question:      The Bible says something about the unforgivable sin, Mark 3:28-30: “Truly I tell you, all sins and blasphemes will be forgiven for the sons of men. But whoever blasphemes against the Holy Spirit will never be forgiven, but is guilty of an eternal sin. What is this really talking about? and what is the Holy Spirit exactly? That has confused me on what the Holy Spirit really is that is talked about it the Bible.

Higgins:     Let’s define Holy Spirit as the eternal flow of energy that springs forth from that thing you call God, Allah or Great Spirit. That same essence may be conceived of as the Universal Flow of Energy. Perhaps it is easier to create a mental picture if you think of that eternal flow of energy as water. Water is still water whether it is frozen in an ice-cube or glacier; whether it is flowing through a human body or a through a tree. Water is still water whether it is falling from the sky as rain or sifting through sand as ocean waves. Water is still water when it boils out of a pan or when it floats in the atmosphere.

God is still God regardless of what God is flowing through at any given time.

Next, let’s change God’s name and call God the Universal Flow of Energy. The Universal Flow of Energy is completely impartial and flows through all things without judgment. The Universal Flow of Energy is magnetic and responds to emotions. Your emotions are the magnet that attracts The Universal Flow. When you feel happy it flows through you faster and when you are depressed it flows slower.

While it is possible sometimes to hide your emotions from friends, family and co-workers, it is impossible to hide your true feelings from The Universal Flow of Energy. The Universal Flow of Energy flowing towards you brings your life experience based on the emotions you present to it. You cannot hide from this. That is why you are encouraged to grasp the fullness of compassion. Loving emotions will bring a life of prosperity. You will thrive. If you spend much time feeling angry or fearful and victimized there is no way The Universal Flow of Energy can bring you that sensation of thriving and prosperity. That is why Jesus said the most important thing is love.

To express other than happiness, love and compassion is to sin, to blaspheme, against the Holy Spirit. True happiness, true love and true compassion cannot be faked. The Universal Flow of Energy cannot be fooled by kind acts or kind words that do not stem from genuine kindness.

That said, we’d like to express how important other emotions are. Depression, sadness, guilt, jealousy, anger…all these emotions are part of a guidance system designed to help you live your life on Earth in the best way possible. They are designed to be used like the game ‘Hot and Cold’. When you are thinking thoughts that are in harmony with The Universal Flow of Energy you feel good emotions. When you think thoughts or take action not in harmony with The Universal Flow of Energy you feel emotions that are unpleasant. While the writer’s of the Bible occasionally had incomplete understanding, and important writings have been omitted, what we have shared is the essence of the meaning they were trying to convey.

Received December 5, 2016

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4 Responses to Sins and Blasphemies Against the Holy Spirit

  1. janonlife says:

    What a beautiful, poignant and poetic explanation this is. Thank you so much, Cheryl and Higgins, for sharing it.

  2. 19 says:

    Good day! I got very scared when I read the gospel of Mark 3:22-30 the part where Jesus said that “all sins will be forgiven the sons of men, and whatever blasphemies they utter; but whoever blasphemes against the Holy Spirit never has forgiveness”, it is like as if Jesus is telling us that any sins committed against the Ten Commandments will be forgiven except blasphemes against the Holy Spirit. I have realized that the Ten Commandments when summarized into two (which Jesus did) is all about sins towards God and towards others, but not one is towards our own self. Then when you read the whole gospel of Mark 3:22-30 it speaks of one self (satan against himself, kingdom against itself, a house against itself). Then I realized again that each one of us has its own Spirit the day we were born, it becomes Holy when we are baptized. So, if we are born a male then our Spirit is a male, if we are born a female then our Spirit is a female. Now the scary part comes in when we choose to be gay or lesbian then we are as if against ourselves or simply against our own Spirit, because no matter what we do to our physical body or think (sex change, transsexual, bisexual, etc.) our own Spirits’ gender will still be the same as the day we were born until the moment we face God. So being gay or lesbian is one of the blasphemies against the Holy Spirit. Then again that maybe the cause of the destruction of the city of Sodom and Gomorrah is all about the blasphemies against the Holy Spirit, then fast forward today this blasphemy is widely accepted and embraced or simply mainstream, in my rough estimate it is maybe beyond 50%. Another blasphemy against the Holy Spirit is committing suicide.

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