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More Fun Things

This year, resolve to do more fun things. Happy New Year. Higgins

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Granddaughter Cheats at Games

Question:     My eleven year old granddaughter cheats. If she is losing a game, any game, she begins cheating and if cheating doesn’t help her win she quits. If I say anything she lies and says she didn’t cheat. What do … Continue reading

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The Kindness Paradigm (17)

Feeling Free to Follow the Heart’s Desires A society in which people are free to pursue their heart’s desires, their interests, is one that values the human and expresses that value with laws that support small business, with neighborhoods that … Continue reading

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The Kindness Paradigm (16)

Pursuing the Heart’s Desires Everyone wants to feel free to pursue their heart’s desire. When one’s heart yearns towards a thing that yearning is a signal that this thing, whatever It is, is somehow important. Pursuit of the heart’s desires … Continue reading

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The Kindness Paradigm (15)

Passion and Work: They’re the Same Work has become for many, not all but many, a necessary evil. It is a thing to be endured so that one may eat and have a place to sleep. It takes the starch … Continue reading

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Higgins on Abortion

Question:     Dear Higgins – Christmas greetings!!! This has been a strange Christmas preparation time.  In the midst of pondering the birth of Jesus I have been involved with discussions around abortion.   There are those who are having to make difficult life … Continue reading

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Not Allowing Another to Play the Part of Victim

Question:     On the topic of ‘Victims’. I invariably make people angry when I hold the philosophy that there are no victims and that to look at someone or ourselves as if they/we are is dis-empowering. Also when I feel someone … Continue reading

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