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Comment On the Music Meditations

Question: Will you comment on the music/meditations? What are they and how are they of value? Higgins: We often comment that our words and the conversation we have with you physicals are important and pleasurable however, it is the energy … Continue reading

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Energy Alignment Music

From Cheryl: Bill Wolford, a Seattle area musician, has created wonderful melodies to accompany several Higgins’ meditations. Find it at:   February 23, 2012 at Everett, Washington

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All Things Conspire Towards Your Greatest Good

Offering from Higgins: The Universe always conspires towards your greatest good. No Exceptions. When something occurs that appears to be bad, relax and look deeply into it. What is the good in it? What is it showing you about yourself? … Continue reading

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Stop Blaming Others

Offering from Higgins: No one has done anything to you. You have drawn all things unto yourself. Cease placing the blame for your perceived failures anywhere but squarely on your own shoulders. When you are willing to take responsibility for … Continue reading

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Creating Wonderful

Question: I want to know how to create something wonderful in my life even though I don’t know what that would be. Higgins: So you want your life to be better than it currently is? Questioner: Yes. Higgins: Good. The … Continue reading

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Self Sabotage

Offering from Higgins: Among you there is a tendency toward self-sabotage. On the one hand each of you desires to feel better. On the other hand impulses drive you to commit actions that are contrary to the achievement of your … Continue reading

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Lonely With Nothing To Do

Question: Higgins, will you respond to a search? The words used were ‘loneliness nothing to do’? Higgins: Of course. From our perspective, lonely with nothing to do is a magnificent place to find oneself. Awareness that one is lonely with … Continue reading

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Mankind Is Allowed Absolute Freedom To Choose

Offering from Higgins: All that resides within, upon and around the Earth is specifically designed to support human life. Variety and abundance exist for human enjoyment, fascination and welfare. Mankind is allowed absolute freedom to choose each their own life … Continue reading

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Peace Begins In Your Own Heart

Offering from Higgins: More regarding peace: The outer world is only a reflection of the inner world. Peace begins in your own heart. Consider your own thoughts, words and actions. Are they peaceful? Your own thoughts, words and actions must exemplify … Continue reading

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World Peace

Question: How may we attain world peace? Higgins:  Peace is not the absence of argument and war. Peace comes from within. If you will develop peace in your own heart then you yourself will cease contributing to the conflict the people of … Continue reading

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