Lonely With Nothing To Do

Question: Higgins, will you respond to a search? The words used were ‘loneliness nothing to do’?

Higgins: Of course.

From our perspective, lonely with nothing to do is a magnificent place to find oneself. Awareness that one is lonely with nothing to do means that a desire has been identified. You are magnificent creators of life experience but cannot create effectively until something desirable has become clear.

A search using ‘loneliness nothing to do’ indicates to us that one of you has identified a desire to alleviate their loneliness by filling it with something. This may seem basic and obvious but actually it is a huge step in the creation process for without awareness intentional creation does not occur.

The emotion that comes with ‘lonely with nothing to do’ is lower than the emotion that comes with ‘want something to do’. ‘Want something to do’ is a directional thought with a little bit of power. Using that little bit of power direct your thoughts towards things you might like to do remembering that all things are achievable if you are willing to take enough small easy steps. Once you’ve identified a goal begin to make plans towards its achievement. It is those very steps towards the achievement of a goal that fill life with pleasurable activities and draw one into arenas where like-minded people dwell. In this pursuit you will find interactive relationships that are fulfilling while enjoying a string of activities that are interesting and satisfying.

This same technique works whether the goal is large or small. Get started today. Today will be better and your future will be better still.

Received February 12, 2012 at Lake Goodwin, Washington

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