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animal cruelty…

Note: this question refers back to Higgins’ post from March 29, 2018 entitled ‘Animal Cruelty’. Question:  What about cases where animals are used for food? Often they are raised in terrible conditions and suffer greatly when they die. Higgins:  This … Continue reading

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Animal Cruelty

Question:  I’m wondering if Higgins could comment on animal cruelty. I read stories about atrocities that people inflict on animals whether on an individual level or a mass level. The cruelty and pain some people inflict on animals is almost … Continue reading

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How to Pursue the Heart’s Desires

Question:     How does one pursue their heart’s desires? You talked about our inclinations being bumpers that keep us in line, moving towards happiness. Truthfully, I don’t see a lot of people thriving the way I think they would if they … Continue reading

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Pet’s Death Meant to Spark a Change?

Note: This question refers to the death of the question asker’s pet. Question:     This has taken me a few days to process. I’m still trying to understand. Was her death meant to spark a change? It seems odd that she … Continue reading

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Do Animal Spirits Incarnate with Soul Groups?

Question:     Do animal spirits frequently incarnate with soul groups? The soul group I’m referencing is a group of beings that tend to incarnate together as physicals. Higgins:     Animal spirits do incarnate with soul groups. More frequently they incarnate with souls. … Continue reading

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On Animal’s Spirits and Death

Question:    On December 1st of last year, I had to put my “dog soulmate” to sleep.  It was honestly one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do. She was ill, though we did not know, and her health declined … Continue reading

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What Is Going On With My Cat?

Question:      Maybe you could ask them what is going on with my cat, Chica.  Maybe one of them used to be a veterinarian in another lifetime!!???    The hair next to her anus is coming off.  She is also constipated … Continue reading

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Worried About Leaving My Cat

Question:  I am going on a trip for 10 days soon and am concerned about leaving my beloved cat.  He is sometimes needy for my attention, and I’m worried he’ll think I am abandoning him.  Is there any way I … Continue reading

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