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Animal Cruelty

Question:  I’m wondering if Higgins could comment on animal cruelty. I read stories about atrocities that people inflict on animals whether on an individual level or a mass level. The cruelty and pain some people inflict on animals is almost … Continue reading

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How to Pursue the Heart’s Desires

Question:     How does one pursue their heart’s desires? You talked about our inclinations being bumpers that keep us in line, moving towards happiness. Truthfully, I don’t see a lot of people thriving the way I think they would if they … Continue reading

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Pet’s Death Meant to Spark a Change?

Note: This question refers to the death of the question asker’s pet. Question:     This has taken me a few days to process. I’m still trying to understand. Was her death meant to spark a change? It seems odd that she … Continue reading

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