Pet’s Death Meant to Spark a Change?

Note: This question refers to the death of the question asker’s pet.

Question:     This has taken me a few days to process. I’m still trying to understand. Was her death meant to spark a change? It seems odd that she would leave or have to leave at a time I needed her most. Would you mind asking them to explain this to me?

Higgins:     No, not to spark a change. She brought to you, with her love, a heart opening into the more. This ‘more’ is that heart connection into the eternal All. You and she had a pre-birth agreement that she would come into your life to allow your heart to open in this way. This heart opening had to occur earlier in life, prior to succumbing to the programming of society that does not allow for ‘more’ to exist in the universe.

Completed December 5, 2013 at Lake Goodwin, Washington  USA

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