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Questions About Energy Alignment Music

Question:     I had a couple questions about the energy alignment music that I am using for group meditations that your perspective may be helpful with. 1. do you think this music would be beneficial for deaf people?  My intuition says yes, … Continue reading

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Alternate to Surgery?

Question:  My husband has been gone now for almost one and a half years. I have been relatively in good health until recently and after surgeries for heart valve and hip replacement I am fearful of another serious surgery. Would … Continue reading

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Forget About Finding A Job?

Question:     This question refers to the following post from January 8, 2014 “Forget about money. Forget about health. Forget about age. Do whatever it is you came here to do with what resources and abilities you do have.” So you … Continue reading

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Do Animal Spirits Incarnate with Soul Groups?

Question:     Do animal spirits frequently incarnate with soul groups? The soul group I’m referencing is a group of beings that tend to incarnate together as physicals. Higgins:     Animal spirits do incarnate with soul groups. More frequently they incarnate with souls. … Continue reading

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As Humans What Are We Working Up To?

Question:     All these lives, past, present and future…what are we working up to? Higgins:     Energy exists. God/Allah/Creator is energy. That is all that exists anywhere. That means then that you are energy both in physical format and non-physical format. Creation occurs … Continue reading

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Clarifying Feelings, Emotion and the Emotional Scale

Question:     Is Higgins making a distinction between feelings and emotion when he has us picture the emotional scale/ladder from 0-100 with the need for humanity to raise its vibration if we are to make the shift we are in the middle of … Continue reading

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Difference Between Feelings and Emotions

Question:     The question that I am trying to articulate has to do with a distinction that it would be helpful for Higgins to address.   With human beings there seems to be a distinction between ‘feeling’ (which aren’t really ‘feelings’) and emotion, … Continue reading

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On Stillborn Babies

Question: I do have a question about life and death, especially with regards to ‘stillborn’ babies for Higgins: Higgins, greetings and thank you for sharing your wisdom and truth. I often find myself smiling at your responses to our questions…  A … Continue reading

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Question About Marijuana

Question: I have a question about marijuana. I know that it does, while high, give the illusion of deep connections, magical happenings and can actually spur some very creative ideas that have staying power.  Would you say that cannabis is … Continue reading

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The Emotional Danger Zone Explained

Question:     Please explain the Emotional Danger Zone you spoke of in your post on June 6 about anger. (On June 8, 2013 I posted this response from Higgins: Question:     Why do I get angry? Higgins:     Anger is an emotion that … Continue reading

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