Do Animal Spirits Incarnate with Soul Groups?

Question:     Do animal spirits frequently incarnate with soul groups? The soul group I’m referencing is a group of beings that tend to incarnate together as physicals.

Higgins:     Animal spirits do incarnate with soul groups. More frequently they incarnate with souls. For example, your dog, Rosie, (see Animal Spirits and Death posted November 23, 2013) came into this life experience to be with you. She’s been with you in many life experiences and the two of you came together this time knowing you could make a special connection.

In this lifetime, you have  committed to blending your physical understanding with your eternal knowing in a more substantial way than you have ever achieved before. Pets are very good for assisting in this connection. Rosie has helped you feel a connection and know her without words. This foundation will help you make fuller and more substantial connections with people (your patients) than you could have without her help.

She had to leave now to allow you to continue your studies and expand into the person she agreed to help you become. She died the way she did in response to your own unhappiness, anxiety and feelings of overwhelm. (And Friend, your response to her medical condition was a clearly connected heart choice.)

You must find your happiness every day. Before you get out of bed find the reason you go to class today. Any of you reading this: find the reason you do whatever it is you do today. Find a reason that makes your heart swell with happiness. To move forward in fear or frustration or anxiety is to create a negative force field around yourself. Subconsciously, everyone participating in your life reads this and responds. Dogs respond most especially and physically reflect back your emotions (the force field each of you radiates) fairly quickly as their health condition.

Received November 25, 2013 at Lake Goodwin, Washington

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