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The Kindness Paradigm (13)

Nurturing In the last post I ended with: So how do we fix UFJS (Un-Fulfilling Job Syndrome)? We place importance on discovering what we love to do without regard to age, health or ability, or even skill. Then we nurture the … Continue reading

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The Kindness Paradigm (12)

Note: segment 11 is un-published awaiting copyright permission. Un-Fulfilling Job Syndrome In part 11 we reviewed the steps one may take to develop kindness. However, kindness in and of itself is not the point of the Kindness Paradigm. The point, … Continue reading

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Mixed Signals from Greater Self to Transgenders?

Question:     As we are guided by our emotions to do those things that will lead us to fulfill our intentions, formed and agreed upon before we come to physical, is life more difficult for those whose transgender identity is ‘accidental’ … Continue reading

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Clarification on Animal Spirits and Death

Question:    I hope you are doing well. I very much appreciate the responses. So, maybe I’m reading this wrong, but Rosie passed because I was unhappy?  I became very depressed about a month before she died.  I always thought that my … Continue reading

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Different Meanings of the Term ‘Soul Group’

Question:      Would they mind explaining the different meanings of soul groups? Higgins:     We have not used the term ‘soul group’ up to now because there is more than one understanding for its meaning thus its use is unclear. Let us now try to make clarification … Continue reading

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Do Animal Spirits Incarnate with Soul Groups?

Question:     Do animal spirits frequently incarnate with soul groups? The soul group I’m referencing is a group of beings that tend to incarnate together as physicals. Higgins:     Animal spirits do incarnate with soul groups. More frequently they incarnate with souls. … Continue reading

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On Animal’s Spirits and Death

Question:    On December 1st of last year, I had to put my “dog soulmate” to sleep.  It was honestly one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do. She was ill, though we did not know, and her health declined … Continue reading

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Seeks General Information for Sea Travelers

Question:       I have been wondering about Higgins. Do they have any information that would be beneficial? I’m inquiring in general; however, I’m certainly open to anything that comes up pertaining to the sea or us travelers at large or like the … Continue reading

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When Someone Else Does Not Want Me To Follow The Call Of My Heart

Question:     What when someone else does not want me to follow the call of my heart? What when someone preaches that my lesbianism is not OK? How should I respond to that? Higgins:     Each one of you came forth with … Continue reading

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How Is It That Another Cannot Harm You If You Follow Your Happiness?

Question:     I do have another question. In the most recent post (Homosexuality: is it OK and Good? (1 of 2)) Higgins said if you follow your heart’s guidance you will do no harm to others and no harm will come to … Continue reading

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