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September 12, 2018

Hi Everyone, People seemed to like my sharing about how things are coming  with this Higgins transition, whatever it turns out to be. There was such a nice response I thought perhaps that when anything of possible interest happens I’ll … Continue reading

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Ask Higgins Volume Two

Ask Higgins Volume Two is a compilation of the second one hundred posts from this blog. It will be available next week on Amazon, along with Higgins’ Manual on Physical Existence, The Kindness Paradigm, and Ask Higgins Volume One. Thanks for … Continue reading

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Develop Stick-to-it-iveness

Question:      I understand, theoretically, that to have what I want I have to start being what I want now, before the thing I want has actually arrived. It seems I have a million excuses to be lax about that. How … Continue reading

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More On Spirit Guides

Question refers to post from November 28, 2013 entitled ‘Mixed Signals from Greater Self to Transgenders?’. Question:     Thank you, Higgins; this is helpful. I am surprised at the information about spirit guides and goals, though. I suppose that with people … Continue reading

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Different Meanings of the Term ‘Soul Group’

Question:      Would they mind explaining the different meanings of soul groups? Higgins:     We have not used the term ‘soul group’ up to now because there is more than one understanding for its meaning thus its use is unclear. Let us now try to make clarification … Continue reading

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YOU–(Reposted for December 2012)

  The following is a synopsis of Higgins’ Manual on Physical Existence and this is who Higgins thinks you are: You The most magnificent vision you have of yourself is Truth. And regardless of apparent physical or mental inequalities each … Continue reading

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Elevating Thinking

Question:    How can I elevate my thinking? Higgins:     We’ll respond to this question as if ‘elevate my thinking’ means that you wish to think thoughts that are vibrationally faster thus feel better. When your thoughts spiral downward emotion plummets and it … Continue reading

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Where Is Mankind Heading? (Part One)

Question:    Where is mankind heading? Higgins:     Only one thing exists anywhere and that thing is the Prime Source of all life. There are many names for this Source; God, Goddess, Allah, Creator, Great Spirit. Regardless of name Source is the creative beginning of … Continue reading

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What is Compassion?

Question: What is compassion? How do we get more of it? Higgins: Compassion is an emotion in the vibrational range of love and deep appreciation and encompasses the emotion of deep understanding. Develop compassion by directing your thoughts towards gentle … Continue reading

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