Journal Entry Dated October 5, 2021

I write this on November 15 as I’m realizing a need to organize these interactions with Higgins. While this next entry from October 5 is out of order, it does seem to fit right in with the conversation I have been having with Higgins since the 8th.

October 5, 2021

I’m sitting with Higgins and they start with big love circles. Then someone sweet-like the Angel, perhaps-came in and ‘said’ let’s begin with a review. Then ‘she’ began to spell with my nose. “You are an integral facet of the cooperative that calls itself Higgins.”

Wisdom. That was for your edification. Now phase two-knowledge.

(I stopped to get a definition from Google Home Assistant. A partial definition of knowledge is facts, information, skills.)

Then they ‘said’ this by spelling to me with my nose: Start the asking. How to solve man’s problems. Health and happiness first: mental, physical, spiritual and emotional health.

Then I asked about speaking through me while I’m not conscious—will they still plan on doing that since it does not feel as though that is their intention. They ‘said’ we do work through you while you are not conscious. When you awaken and feel the intense tingly pressure of energy flowing through you, that is us working through you. (Apparently being asleep is equal to not being conscious.)

I asked, “What are you doing in that time?” At that point I lost the connection and was unable to receive a response.

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