An Attempted Conversation with Higgins, November 9, 2021

I’m sitting in my comfy chair with Higgins. They roll my head a bit then open a hatch on the left side of my head and a little portion of me walks out and sort of hangs out there on the side of my head. After a few minutes, that portion of me opens the hatch only now it is a door and a bunch more of me oozes out. ‘I’, or at least I think it is the first portion of ‘me’ out the hatch, now bungees the door open so ‘I’ can get back in my head any time I want, if I start to feel nervous.

Naturally, as soon as ‘I’ stop flowing out of my brain, a portion of me starts flowing back inside my skull.

That is the point I stopped to type this.


As I try again to connect with Higgins, and hopefully allow some of my soul self out again, some little spot of energy tries to come in the door of my brain. It doesn’t get in. Apparently, there is a ‘guard’ at the door to my brain, monitoring the ins and outs. Good idea. Thanks Higgins.

I relax my mind a little while and then a procession of bits of my soul step out the door to my skull and walk down the stairs and as they get to the last step they sort of step off. Rather than falling down, they have parachutes that act like (I don’t know, a hang glider or balloon, but these pieces of my soul float up and hang out near the ceiling above me and off to the left a little bit.


Jesus healing. I write this down because it comes to me repeatedly as a thing I would like to do with Higgins. Getting it out of my mind and onto paper seems like a way to be able to move on with connecting with Higgins.

It does allow me to move on. The next ‘vision’ or sense that I have is of a guard on the left of the door to my skull as one would be walking in. There is also a doorman/guard who opens and closes the door. This way, the door to my skull remains closed but opens immediately should some aspect of ‘me’ want to get back in.

My thirty minutes is over and I will next ask my self to get back in my skull should any of me still be hanging out near the ceiling.


It takes about thirty seconds for them all to come back in. The first out was the last in and that part of my soul looked around for any straggling parts of me and then went in and the door was closed. Of note, the hatch door was opened by the doorman and they flew DOWN stairs into my skull around my jaw area. Maybe an easier flight path? But the stairs were heading down rather than up, which surprised me.

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