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Husband Died Leaving Her Alone

Question:     Hello Higgins, On this spiritual path, I have learned from many teachers that our thoughts become our reality.  We manifest our lives.  Well (my friend’s) first husband was the love of her life and they had a great relationship … Continue reading

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Do Crystals Affect the Human Energy Body?

Note:     This is part two of a two-part question/response. They talked about crystals and energy first (published October 28, 2012). Question:     I have a question for Higgins, when you get a chance. During the first part of the session they were reading … Continue reading

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Crystals and Energy

Note:     From time to time I give private sessions. This question arises secondary to an individual session. They talk about crystals and energy first. Question:     I have a question for Higgins, when you get a chance. During the first part … Continue reading

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Body is Failing*

Offering from Higgins: Let’s say you are old.  You are old, hundreds of thousands of years old, but let’s say we’re talking about chronological human years.  Let’s also say that your body is failing, perhaps significantly.  What is one to … Continue reading

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Clarification of ‘October Energies and Vibrations’

Question:     In your recent post, October Energies and Vibrations, you said, “Seasons differ globally because Earth’s vibrational rhythm pulses around the globe like a heart beat.” I thought seasons differ due to the length of daylight and Earth’s distance from … Continue reading

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October Energies and Vibrations

Question:     Are different energies offered season to season or month to month? For example, what are the energies and vibrations we feel in October? Higgins:     There is a rhythm to life, an ebb and flow. This rhythm is eternal, perpetual and never … Continue reading

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Bringing Dreams to Fruition

Question:     Once I have a dream in mind how do I bring it to fruition? Higgins:     All desires are manifested the same way. Step One: think It up. Step Two: decide It is desirable to achieve. Step three: relax about … Continue reading

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Process for Improving One’s Life*

Offering from Higgins: Here is a simple process for improving your life and the world around you. Pick a word that describes what you want in your life. Let’s say for example that you would enjoy a life that was … Continue reading

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What is that Hole in the Middle of My Gut?*

Question:  What causes me to feel empty inside, like I have a big hole in the middle of my gut? Higgins:  Marvelous, brilliant! Acknowledge that hole! That center is your being-ness point. You do not communicate from your head.  Your … Continue reading

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Distinction Between Body Energy and Body Vibration*

Question:  I wonder what Higgins would respond to, “Are there distinctions between body energy and body vibration?  Are they one and the same?  How do they affect/effect one another?” Cheryl’s note: Affect (  to act on; to produce an effect … Continue reading

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