Crystals and Energy

Note:     From time to time I give private sessions. This question arises secondary to an individual session. They talk about crystals and energy first.

Question:     I have a question for Higgins, when you get a chance.

During the first part of the session they were reading my energy and asking me what was causing my energy to go off to one side and also that it was being cut off at the knees.

Well later that evening I was at a blessing session that I go to every Wednesday and I met a woman who was telling me that she has been studying crystals. I happened to have a crystal in my left pocket (the direction Higgins gestured toward as the energy leak) that I’d had in there during Higgins’ session. I’ve just by habit sometimes just kept it in my pocket for, I guess thinking it was good luck or helping my energy stabilize.

So I had her look at the crystal, as I really don’t know anything about them.  She said that the crystal needed to be cleansed as it was holding negative energy.  (I naively didn’t realize they would do that, always thought they were just good energy carriers!)

So I am wondering if that is what Higgins was picking up on, because actually I did feel when I was carrying the crystal that I had kind of a knot of energy in my heart Chakra which this woman also mentioned. Even during the Higgins session, I thought it was my posture or something.

It would be helpful to know how something like this would affect their reading of my energy.

It would seem I should use more discernment and gather knowledge before just picking things up thinking they’re just good!

It seems like this would be helpful information in general if it is the case that something like this could throw off energy.

Higgins:     The answer to this is actually a bit complex so we’ll answer this in pieces.

If you, or any being of any kind, will hold your energy in stable alignment with your personal Truth there is no thing (no good thing, no bad thing, no person, no crystal, no destruction, no disease) that could affect your life in any way. When you are in stable alignment with your own Eternal Truth you alone create your life experience.

Most of you, however, are not completely stable in your personal Truth and your life creation is frequently swayed by the positive or negative thoughts others have about you along with the overall mass (un)conscious that has been collected or created over millenia by the beliefs, thoughts, hopes and desires of those who came before you.

Further, the human make-up is crystalline. That is why so many people believe that crystals can help you align with good things. In fact, they can. The human body will follow, or tune in to, the crystal’s energy whether negative or positive, assuming it is the intention to do so or you are not clear enough in your Truth to stay in your own center.

However, because all things carry vibration a person will tune in to any energy they are near if not centered within one’s own Truth, if the energy is within range. To understand what we mean by within range consider a radio. When you tune in a radio frequency only those within range are clear and that is the same with vibrational frequencies. Only those that are within range are accessible to you.

Think how nice it is to have a coat or piece of clothing from a person you are attracted to. The reason this feels so good is the energy of the person to whom the article belongs is imprinted in the article of clothing and then imparted to the holder. This is how a crystal works, too. It imparts its energy to the holder.

Remember that whether energy imparted to and carried by an article of clothing is negative or positive it can be transmitted to a receiver that is tuned to that frequency. This is the same for any energy and that is why we encourage each of you to tune into your own Eternal Truth. This will always produce energy is always right for you.

We will respond further later.

Received October 27 and 28, 2012 at Lake Goodwin, Washington

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