Body is Failing*

Offering from Higgins:

Let’s say you are old.  You are old, hundreds of thousands of years old, but let’s say we’re talking about chronological human years.  Let’s also say that your body is failing, perhaps significantly.  What is one to do?

If you feel complete there is nothing to do.  Enjoy the time you have left in this physical existence.

If you do not feel complete.  If somehow your current life experience and physical condition seem wrong for you then read on.

*You are eternal beings, growth seeking beings.  You are not designed for stagnancy. Continual growth is a requirement for a satisfactory life experience.

*Know also that the body is designed to work smoothly and without fail until the day that you depart this physical existence.

*It is never too late.

With those three points in mind, regardless of chronological age or physical disrepair, you can shift your life towards complete fulfillment and satisfaction by deciding to do so. Once a firm decision has been made to choose a life of fulfillment and satisfaction you will begin to have impulses.  Follow those impulses.  Given enough time and commitment they will lead you to a life of pleasure.

This path to excellent health and complete pleasure can be fairly lengthy time wise. Remember to enjoy the journey by noticing all the ways in which your life is gently improving. And should you suddenly become aware that you’ve taken a step in the wrong direction simply change your mind and take a new direction.  There are no mistakes and there is great joy in the pursuit of happiness.

Received March 26, 2011

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