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Pushing Against Life

Higgins:     The more you push against anything the more you have of it. Higgins Live, April 3, 2012  

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Chaos on Earth Actually Mobilization for Better

Higgins:    Life on Earth appears to be chaotic but actually things are organizing to be better than before. Higgins Live, July 3, 2012 at Everett, Washington

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Gently Face Your Fears

Higgins:     If you would face the thing you fear—gently and willingly—you would lose the fear of it. Higgins Live, April 3, 2012

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Shift Your Life in a New Direction

Higgins:     It’s never too late to start shifting your life in a new direction. Higgins Live, March 21, 2012

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Life’s Work

Question:     What is life’s work that you talk about? Higgins:     Each of you has a purpose for existing. The discovery of and subsequent expression of your reason(s) for existence is your life’s work. Finding your personal reason for existing is of … Continue reading

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Help By Radiating Peace

As I sat down tonight to meditate with Higgins before bed I asked, “How can I help settle this upsetting trend of warfare, plane crashes, fires and (so on)?” The response was not that I should meditate but that I … Continue reading

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Live Your Life’s Work

Higgins:     Don’t just go to a job—live  your life’s work. Higgins Live, October 2, 2012 at Everett, Washington  USA

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Focus on Beauty

Higgins:     Focus on beauty. From a Higgins live session, April 13, 2009, Everett, Washington

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Help Me Figure Out Me

Question:     My teacher connected me to you… I’m not sure how or What I’m doing I’m just… looking for missing pieces to my puzzle. Then again Lol… I’m building a puzzle that sometimes…. seems like a blur of a picture. … Continue reading

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Display Your Spiritual Gift

Higgins:     Each of you has a spiritual gift.  Look for a frame in which to display it. From a live session held January, 25, 2012 in Everett, Washington

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