Help Me Figure Out Me

Question:     My teacher connected me to you… I’m not sure how or What I’m doing I’m just… looking for missing pieces to my puzzle.
Then again Lol… I’m building a puzzle that sometimes…. seems like a blur of a picture. Maybe I don’t have a question, maybe I’m searching for guidance. I pray and messages are delivered but maybe I just want to hear reassuring words. Advice… can you assist in any way to help me figure out… me?

Higgins:     Each of you (humans, dogs, cats, blades of grass and slugs) is an eternal, non-physical entity. A portion of the eternal you pops into a physical form and that is called life.

The eternal aspect of humans (and dogs, mosquitoes, etc…) is a subset of that thing you call God (Allah, YHWH, Great Spirit, Prime Source) and God continually emits a sort of homing signal. You, through your eternal aspect, are continually called ‘home’. You are called to return to that Prime Source of All Things.

You are feeling that call and responding.

Your ‘job’ here in physical is to discover yourself. Before you are born the Eternal You and the part of you that animates the body you inhabit (some call it Soul) have a conversation about who you wish to be. By that we mean will you be kind, uplifting, athletic, artistic, or mathematically inspired? Will you have a low or high IQ? Will you have a body that works 100% or will you be born with physical challenges? What is your reason for existence? Each of you has one and it is determined before birth.

The life you are born into (and sometimes guided into after birth) is designed to offer just the right soil for growing the plant that is you. All the while, that homing signal invites you to come home. Home is not a place. Home is an emotion. Home is compassion and a deep and abiding appreciation for all that exists within your human experience. The life you are born into may be designed specifically to throw you off-balance so that you really have to concentrate to return home (where home is defined as a heart place of compassion and deep and abiding appreciation). It may also be designed to compel you towards some specific learning such as forgiveness (aka compassion) or to share some specific quality such as the love that you are.

That thing you are searching for is find-able. The Eternal You continually guides you towards the achievement of your pre-birth goals we described in the last paragraph. You are guided by emotion in a game of Hot and Cold. When you feel negative emotion you are moving away from the target (Cold) and when you feel positive emotion you are moving towards the target (Hot). Additionally, Spirit Guides assist you by stimulating ideas within your mind that will, if followed, lead you toward daily life activities and life direction that will be pleasing and therefore lead in the direction of achieving pre-birth goals.

That is the Game of Life in a nutshell.

We stated in a previous post, “Each of you has different spiritual gifts to share and the goal of life experience is to create frames in which to display your gifts. For painters, the picture is the frame. For dancers, the dance is the frame. You tend to get confused, thinking the picture is the gift or that the dance is the gift. The picture and the dance are expressions of the gift.” The job you choose, your attitude moment by moment, the words that come from your mouth…all of this is the beautiful expression of your personal gift. This expression is the puzzle you are building. It is the frame you are polishing that will best display the wonderful gifts that you bring to the world.

Received July 22, 2014 at Lake Goodwin, Washington  USA

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