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Think About the Good Things

Question: There is construction going on around me.  I cannot concentrate on the tasks I’ve set out for myself.  This sort of thing happens often.  How do I get time and space to work those few minutes every day towards … Continue reading

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Question: Will you talk about death? Higgins: Death: a good topic. Death is simply an end to the physical body for you are all eternal souls. Understand that your physical bodies are designed to last hundreds of years.  Disease states and degeneration … Continue reading

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Fun isn’t it?

Offering from Higgins: Some of you already slip through life easily.  Happy coincidence and serendipity are old friends.  Fun isn’t it? Received June 26, 2011 at Lake Goodwin, Washington

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You Have a Right to Be Here

Offering from Higgins: Each of you has the same right to be here.  If you will treat each other as  equally important life will flow more smoothly for all of you. Received June 25, 2011 at Everett, Washington

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You Are Not A Victim

Offering from Higgins: If you are not achieving your goals/dreams, if you blame interference from other people for your lack of success or if you blame the stuff of daily life for your lack of success then you are playing victim.  … Continue reading

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Find Time to Pursue Dreams

Offering from Higgins: Find time in every day to pursue your dream. Pretty soon you will run out of tomorrows. You will wonder where the time went and how in all that time you never had enough of it to … Continue reading

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Offering from Higgins: The universe flows.  One either flows with the energy of the universe or struggles against it. Think of a lazy river, a manmade fun ride type of lazy river.  Imagine yourself in a comfortable flotation device meandering along.  The water … Continue reading

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Dealing with Interference

Question:  I believe you when you say that those things that we dream of being are truth for us.  So for me, I dream of being a writer and an artist. I took some time off from working to pursue … Continue reading

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Effective Waiting

Offering from Higgins: As non-physical beings no time elapses between desiring something and its arrival. In this physical realm there is almost always a time-lapse between thought with emotion and arrival of its physical manifestation. Regardless of how strong a … Continue reading

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Learn to Wait

Offering from Higgins: The Earth realm is a time/space scenario. Those things you wish to manifest sometimes take a good deal of time to arrive in your life.  We encourage you to learn to wait with confidence. While you wait, … Continue reading

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