Think About the Good Things

Question: There is construction going on around me.  I cannot concentrate on the tasks I’ve set out for myself.  This sort of thing happens often.  How do I get time and space to work those few minutes every day towards my goal, the way you say to do?

Higgins: The important thing here is not to push.  Do not push the construction aspect away.  Embrace it.  Do not push your frustration away either.  Embrace it.  Remember that the manner in which you deal with a given situation creates your future.  The best thing to do is acknowledge how you feel then intentionally change your focus to the good that will come from having the construction finished.

Thinking about all the good things that will come when the construction is finished may not be exactly the way you planned to spend your day but focusing on the most positive aspect of a negative situation will keep things flowing towards a good and harmonious outcome.

A good and harmonious outcome for your construction project will lay the foundation for a good and harmonious outcome for your tasks, whatever they may be, even if the tasks are somewhat delayed.

Received June 30, 2011 at Everett, Washington

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