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I Need My Wife To Stay With Me

Question:     I need my wife to stay with me. Higgins:     We would like to respond to this comment. I need my wife to stay with me and I want my wife to stay with me are two vastly different comments. … Continue reading

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What Blessings Are

Question:     What is a blessing and what is it supposed to do? Higgins:    Two things to understand first: 1)  You are beings of light energy. Energy emits a vibrational frequency. When you (the soul being) enter your body the body vibrates … Continue reading

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Why Did He Leave After So Long?

Question:     Why did he leave after so long? Higgins:      Humans are drawn towards one another or repelled away from one another much like magnets. (We encourage you to find two magnets and try this so you will understand more fully.) … Continue reading

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So Be It

Note: I wrote this compilation of Higgins’ wisdom a couple of years ago and haven’t yet shared it. Here it is… So Be It: I am the creator of my life experience. I created the life I am now living … Continue reading

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Energetic Flow Indicating More Money

Question:     What would energetic flow indicating more money feel like in the human body? Higgins:     If more money is headed your way the energetic flow that is indicative of that positive flow of money would feel good. Many positive things … Continue reading

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Who is Channeling Higgins?

Question: Who is channeling Higgins? Answer: My name is Cheryl Jensen. I channel Higgins. I’m 46 years old. Married. I have a day job, a dog and a cat. I write, garden, walk the dog and when the weather is fine in the … Continue reading

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Why Did He Leave Me Now? Part Three of Three

(Note: this question came in two parts so I’ve included information from two emails.) Question:     My husband passed away on October 2, 2012 one day after his 70th. birthday and two days  before our 32nd. wedding anniversary. My question is: … Continue reading

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