Why Did He Leave Me Now? Part Two

(Note: this question came in two parts so I’ve included information from two emails.)

Question:     My husband passed away on October 2, 2012 one day after his 70th. birthday and two days  before our 32nd. wedding anniversary. My question is: why did he leave me so soon especially when he was to take care of me after my up coming open heart surgery. And why did he leave me with so much responsibility.

I miss him terribly and question why he had to leave me now.

(Second part):     I’m not sure if my original email was sent to you or not, but your sister-in-law has given me your address to ask a question that you might be able to channel my husband.

He and I were married for 32 years and he was my third husband and the love of my life. He always said he would die young as his father died at 73 and his grandfather also in his early seventies. I want to know why he left me when I am to have open heart surgery and he was to be my caregiver and his leaving has caused so much sorrow for his son as well as myself.

Higgins:    As we stated in part one, after death most of you spend a period of time resting after the Big Earth Adventure. During this resting phase it is not usual for them to respond to requests for conversations with those who remain in the physical realm. We will tell you your loved one is just fine. Anything he needs to help smooth his transition back to non-physical is being offered. It is always those who remain in physical that suffer emotionally. The departed soul is returning home to a safe, comforting, nurturing environment and is well cared for.

To answer your questions fully it is important for you to understand the physical environment a little better.

The words each of you speak create life experience. This is simplified a little but the result of the laws of creation is: physical life is created by the words you utter.

Therefore, to answer why your husband left you now, he left you now because he has been planning to, whether he knew it or not, for many years. He said he would die young.

Believing fully in the words you speak creates life experience more quickly, but not believing fully in the words you speak does not mean those things won’t come to fruition. Likely they will, given time.

And…if another utters words about what they will or won’t do and you choose to not believe them…your refusal to believe them doesn’t mean those words won’t come to fruition. So what has happened is your husband told you many times he would die early and he did. He created this.

What is less obvious is that you were a willing albeit unconscious participant. We know these are not the sort of words you wish to hear right now but please continue reading. We’ll explain how you could ever create such a thing.

In the dream time, not the Rapid Eye Movement (REM) dream time, the other dream part of deep sleep time, the soul often leaves the body. The soul goes out and about meeting with other souls and though these conversations are not entirely about planning future events that is one thing that occurs. In your dream time, through the years, you and your husband have made this plan. Why? Because he is such a good friend to you that he agreed to leave early so that you could experience a part of you that you wanted to experience when you came forth into this physical body.

This is an important opportunity for you to practice living out an aspect of the Truth of your Eternal Being that has been difficult for you in many lifetimes.

Each of you is an autonomous being. You are designed to create independently and (simultaneously) cooperatively within what is called the collective conscience.

The Eternal Self animates the human body that houses your soul much the way electricity causes a light bulb to shine. The energy flows (very generally speaking) from above your head, through the body and out into the Earth. During your life in the body, energetic ties are formed with other people; parents, children, friends, co-workers and of course spouses. Sometimes these energetic ties are mutually beneficial, sometimes they are draining.

When interaction with another person leaves you feeling drained you have established an unbalanced energy exchange in which they took more of your energy than they gave to you of theirs. Friendships that last a long time indicate that the exchange is fair.

What your husband has done is withdrawn his energetic offering so that you may learn to draw energy from your Eternal Self rather than from those around you. While it may seem a cruel and harsh thing from the physical perspective, from your Eternal perspective this is the sweetest of gifts.

Consider this. We will share in the next entry how to live this new life.

Received November 22, 2012 at Lake Goodwin, Washington

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