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Family Units

Question: Are the family members we have here in physical a part of an agreement we had before we got here to share a purpose or common lesson? The members of my immediate family in particular seem to have common … Continue reading

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Question: What can you tell us about this planet Niburu? Is it real and will we be seeing its return in the next few years? Higgins: What we can tell you about Niburu: Niburu is a large planet, yes. Not … Continue reading

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Distinction between Body Energy and Body Vibration

Question:  I wonder what Higgins would respond to, “Are there distinctions between body energy and body vibration?  Are they one and the same?  How do they affect/effect one another?” Cheryl:  Affect (  to act on; to produce an effect or … Continue reading

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Hello World!

Hello World! My name is Cheryl Jensen.  I channel a group of non-physical beings who call themselves Higgins.  Their purpose is to share universal wisdom with us, to clarify what it is to be human, to help us each find … Continue reading

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