Question: What can you tell us about this planet Niburu? Is it real and will we be seeing its return in the next few years?

Higgins: What we can tell you about Niburu: Niburu is a large planet, yes. Not however, orbiting around your sun. Its path is much greater and every so often comes close to the Earth/Sun system. While on some of its circuits it does encompass your sun, your sun is not its center.

To understand how it may affect your Earth think of your own body. You have an aura and that aura can be felt by others, if they are attuned enough, prior to your physical arrival in any given location. The non-visible ‘aura’ of Niburu has, many years past, brushed into Earth’s ‘aura’ causing some disruption on both planets, but more on Earth for it is the smaller of the two.

Niburu will pass by Earth again but too far in your future to be of current concern. Instead, consider your own actions and the effect you have upon your Earth. You are far more immediately influential upon this planet’s well-being than Niburu.

Think of two cars brushing against one another because the driver’s of one or both cars were inattentive. Be attentive drivers of your lives and your planets. You on Earth worry not about Niburu. You on Niburu worry neither about Earth nor its inhabitants.

That is all upon Niburu.

Received February 22, 2011

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