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Private Sessions with Higgins

A lovely window of opportunity has opened allowing me to offer Higgins publicly. I am now offering private sessions with Higgins via phone or Skype. Sessions last about an hour. Higgins especially enjoys conversation regarding the life experience. Higgins typically finishes a … Continue reading

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Questions About the WingMakers

Question:     Are the Wingmakers the same as or related to the “farmers?” Are they descended from one of the original seven sons (and, if so, which one?) or are they a mixture of all seven lines, as humans are? Are … Continue reading

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From Higgins’ Live Session December 2, 2013

In our last live session a new being addressed us. He stated that he is in physical form on some other planet. He made comments regarding the Shift of the Ages although he didn’t refer to it as that. What … Continue reading

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YOU–(Reposted for December 2012)

  The following is a synopsis of Higgins’ Manual on Physical Existence and this is who Higgins thinks you are: You The most magnificent vision you have of yourself is Truth. And regardless of apparent physical or mental inequalities each … Continue reading

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The Universe Is Against Me At Every Turn

Comment from Cheryl: Higgins likes to respond to search terms that brought a reader to the Ask Higgins site. The following is a response to the search, ‘The universe is against me at every turn.’ Higgins: The Earth realm, this physical … Continue reading

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How Do I Manage This Feeling of Being Overwhelmed?

Question: Hi Higgins, last month you told me that I am always overwhelmed.  hmmm.  I do often feel overwhelmed though I can’t understand why since I only work 4 days a week and seem to sit doing a lot of … Continue reading

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Music Meditations Question 5

Note from Cheryl: This is question number five (and the final question in this series) regarding the musical/vibrational meditations we’ve been making with musician Bill Wolford. Question: Does editing a piece of noise out of an energy track affect the … Continue reading

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