From Higgins’ Live Session December 2, 2013

In our last live session a new being addressed us. He stated that he is in physical form on some other planet. He made comments regarding the Shift of the Ages although he didn’t refer to it as that. What follows is a paraphrased excerpt of the major points he made. This information is intended to help us understand (from the perspective of another physical that has already made the shift) what we are shifting to and what we can do to help ourselves make the transition. This is from Higgins’ live session December 3, 2013:

Humans on earth are shifting their vibrations. The point is spiritual advancement, an expansion into the fullness of your Being–the Source of it—meaning God.

If you envision your head inside a consciousness bubble you will better understand the shift.

Exercise every day of the world. Make it part of your life. Learn to love your vegetables.

Make it your goal to find your life’s work.

Never stop thinking of something new to do. Get up every morning enthusiastic about that thing you are going to do.

This is the end of our first transmission.

(There was laughter somewhere during the discussion, with the line:  It is hard to laugh through 10 layers of Being. Higgins once told me they surround me as a core group of ten.)

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