Significance of Comet Ison

Question:     What if any significance was there with the recent pass by of Comet Ison?

Higgins:     Mankind is participating in an epic play. The very scope of the stage it is played on is boggling. The arrival of Comet Ison is much like any other participating player. It has arrived on stage for its scene. Just as a cat may be observed as it walks through your yard or an eagle is sited soaring on the wind, Ison is a player in the human drama as it unfolds.

Received December 5, 2013 at Lake Goodwin, Washington  USA

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2 Responses to Significance of Comet Ison

  1. What kind of player was it? Some say that it was re-seeding earth with new organisms as it might have done had all mankind been wiped off the face of the Earth possibly. Any of that ring true?

    • Higgins gave a pretty good answer to this today: Seeding can happen that way. Let us suppose for a moment that nuclear holocaust destroyed all living things and damaged the topography of Earth. The nuclear radiation would be allowed to degrade. A massive ice chunk embedded with living organisms could then be ‘launched’ towards Earth or other receiving planet. Plants and small living organisms would then populate the Earth. When it was once again habitable for animals and humans then those species would be brought in by hosts who would nurture them until they were able to care for themselves.

      Comet ISON was more like a space iceberg. It calved and in its travels was flung around your sun.

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