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World Healing Meditation on Law of Attraction Radio Network

Note from Cheryl: Check out Law of Attraction Radio Network Friday, August 31 at 6PM PST for an amazing meditation opportunity.  Read the letter from Jewels, of Law of Attraction Talk Radio, below….. Love Frequency Healing Hour Shifting from Fear … Continue reading

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Living a Self Centered Life

Offering from Higgins: Living one’s own life from a completely self-centered perspective is perhaps the healthiest thing one can do for oneself and indeed for the well-being of mankind as a whole. Each of you is an eternal being of great … Continue reading

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I Don’t Know How to Have Fun Conversations

Question: I don’t know how to have fun conversations. Higgins: Much in the way of conversation skills can be acquired with practice. Fun conversations, though, are a by-product of a light heart. If your heart is not light attempts at fun conversations will … Continue reading

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Stop Pretending That Life Is Hard

Offering from Higgins: Life is really very easy. When you dread something like going to a party for example, you set up a vibration that gives the Universe a message. The Universe always responds to the things you tell it. Moreover, … Continue reading

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What Do You Think of Ten Hour Work Days?

Question: The work day length has just been increased to 10 hours where I work. What do you think of 10 hour work days? Higgins: Our response to you is, “What do you think of working 10 hour days?” If … Continue reading

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What Is The Meaning of Life?

Question:     What is the meaning of life? Cheryl:     Higgins wanted a dictionary definition for meaning. Merriam Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary, Tenth Edition says the thing one intends to convey (especially in language), something meant or intended as well as significant quality. … Continue reading

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Why Do People Go Against Me At Every Turn?

Question:    Why do people go against me at every turn? Higgins:     In answering this question we will ask you to remember the Universal Law that like attracts like. By that we mean that all life experience is drawn towards you … Continue reading

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