Is Mankind Headed For The End?

Question:     Is mankind headed for the end?

Higgins:     No. Mankind is headed for a new beginning.

Consider that you are eternal beings in finite bodies. The true essence of what you are is an ever evolving, expanding and growing being. That eternal essence finds great satisfaction and fulfillment in experiencing itself in a physical way. That is why you come forth over and over into physical bodies.

The game of physical life is challenging. These are the general rules:

1) you choose to be here

2) you are guided by emotion, impulse and intuition

3) these emotions, impulses and intuitions are offered by your broader, eternal being

4) you have non-physical assistants (often called Spirit Guides) whose sole job is to offer stimulation of thoughtful ideas that will, if followed-up on, lead steadfastly towards and  into enthusiastically enjoyable life experiences.

5) the body is slow-moving light, it is energy, it is vibration interpreted within the brain as solid

6) there is a range of vibration that the physical body exists within

7) vibration is experienced by the physical body as emotion

8) the slowest vibrations are experienced as depression, lack of self-worth and other negative feeling emotions

9) mid-range vibrations are experienced as variations upon anger

10) faster vibration feels good with the fastest vibrations feeling like heart-bursting joy

11) the body can only exist within this range of emotions

‘The End’ that is being called The Shift of the Ages or 2012 or The End Times is really a shift in the Earth’s vibration. The Earth’s vibration is speeding up. What this means to you is that your body will no longer be able to exist on the planet in the same range of emotions as before. The slowest vibration that you now experience will no longer be compatible with Earth and therefore not compatible with life on Earth.

Many of you currently do spend a good deal of time in slow vibration. Existing in slow vibration will get progressively more uncomfortable as the Earth’s vibration increases. Those of you existing in slow vibration will be forced to either improve your emotional direction or to leave your body.

Those of you existing in quicker vibration will continue to prosper and live enthusiastically regardless of what may occur for others.

For all of you our best advice is to follow-up on impulses and intuition. If you feel negative then start looking for the best in your current everyday life while making daily steps towards a life you will like better. Following this rule is not only the best you can do it is all you can do and it is enough to see you through the wonderful change that is occurring.

Received August 2, 2012 at Lake Goodwin, Washington

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