When Your Heart Feels Happy and Full

Offering from Higgins:

A good many of you are drawn to make positive change in your lives and upon reading or hearing our words recognize the truth therein. Living that truth sometimes proves to be harder than it sounds and making significant positive change ends up taking longer than you ever thought it would.

It is easy to fall prey to discouragement when your attempts at change do not bring about quick results. Nonetheless we encourage you to continue in the direction of feeling positive and remind you that no attempt to choose positive emotions goes unnoticed by the Universe.

Feeling good emotionally is paramount in producing an enjoyable, prosperous life experience.

Much like building a campfire on a rainy day you may have to light and relight the stream of positive thoughts and emotions that run through you until they burn brightly within. When your heart feels happy and full you radiate from within and that positive vibration draws unto you wonderful, seemingly serendipitous life events.

Received August 9,2012 at Lake Goodwin, Washington

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