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Sprituality and Anti-Anxiety Effects

Question: Does spirituality have a positive effect on anxiety? Higgins: Yes. All things, whether considered animate (like people or dogs) or inanimate (like rocks, dirt and  driftwood) or even those whose animate properties are questioned (like trees and flowers), are habited by a … Continue reading

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It Is Impossible to Make a Mistake

Offering from Higgins: Mistakes are not possible. The idea of mistakes, while not unique to Earth, is unique to physical environments and is a by-product of the opportunity physical environments offer to live either in or out of harmony with … Continue reading

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Let Go of Hard Feelings

Offering from Higgins: Let go of hard feelings. Whatever has happened to cause you to emit hard feelings is unimportant relative to the importance of your feeling good. When you feel good and thus emit positive emotions/vibrations life sends back to you … Continue reading

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Who Are You Saying You Are?

Offering from Higgins: The eternal, real You wears your body in the same way you wear clothes. How are you presenting yourself? Take care with your body; the way you clothe it, the way you feed it, the way you … Continue reading

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Surviving 2012

Question: Will you comment on how best to survive 2012? Higgins: ‘2012’ is not a date, it is a name you physicals have given to a time period. The time period is occurring now and will continue for a few … Continue reading

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Treat Your Body Well

Offering from Higgins: You are not your body. Your body is yours to use for this lifetime. Treat it well. Exercise. Eat food that is nourishing. Provide it with plenty of fresh water. Most importantly, always look for reasons to … Continue reading

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Compassion in Marriage (Part 9): Live in a Place of Compassion

Note: This is part 9 (and the final part) of Higgins’ response to a question.  Only a portion of the letter is presented here for brevity. The aspect of the question that Higgins is responding to today is bolded. Question: So … Continue reading

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