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Emotions Are Street Signs

Higgins:¬† Negative emotions are not punishments for previous deeds. Negative emotions are indicators that you need to change your thoughts. Street signs…that’s all emotions are. Only humans continue to punish themselves after making a mistake. Animals do not do this. … Continue reading

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Regrets Abortion

Question: ¬†Dear Higgins, this is very difficult to write but I am seeking your guidance as I feel that I shattered my soul several years ago, and there is little left in me. You see, several years ago, I had … Continue reading

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It Is Impossible to Make a Mistake

Offering from Higgins: Mistakes are not possible. The idea of mistakes, while not unique to Earth, is unique to physical environments and is a by-product of the opportunity physical environments offer to live either in or out of harmony with … Continue reading

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