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About Heaven and Hell

Question:     What is your view on Heaven and Hell like the English translations of the Bible talk about in the NT? Is there a Heaven and a Hell in the afterlife like the Bible talks about? Is there judgment after … Continue reading

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If More Positivity is Expressed What Happens to the Negative?

Question:     So if way more people/beings express the positive, what happens to the balance between? Higgins:     If more people were to express the positive the negative still would exist but would remain unexpressed. For many years on Earth there has … Continue reading

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God, Yin and Yang and the Game of Life

Question:     If (the Bible is) taken literal why does God have so much violence in the OT. Telling certain people of his to kill others or tribes? He has Moses and his group kill all the males and all woman … Continue reading

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Is the Bible Literal?

Question:     The Bible has some great insights into deeper studies. But it has some contradictions. Especially if you take the Bible literally. I would like to know, how do you view the Bible, what do you think on it? Do … Continue reading

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Searching for the Holy Grail

Question/comment:     I have been a Christian most of my life. Wanted to get closer to God and have a great relationship to him. I did but then later found out things I was shocked to found out on the Bible. … Continue reading

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Don’t Mean to Be a Bother

Question:     I dont mean to be a bother or anything but I have some more questions for you. Higgins:     Friend, you are not a bother. In fact, just the opposite. It is the asking that drives our evolution. It is … Continue reading

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Is Infatuation a False Love?

Question:     Is infatuation a false love and if it is, how do you know that you are truly IN love with someone for real and not just an infatuation? And how can you make it last? Higgins:     Infatuation is not … Continue reading

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