What is Love?

Question:     What is love? I don’t mean I love this food or I loved that movie. I am talking about True honest Love.

Higgins:     Love is an emotion. It is produced within you by that Broader Self that guides you through this physical existence. All emotions are offered relative to how you, in any given moment, relate to your surroundings. The emotion of love simply means that whatever is happening in your life your Broader Self agrees with you about it.

When you feel any kind of negative emotion your Broader Self is disagreeing with your thoughts/feelings/vibrational offerings about the topic. And, yes, that does mean that the True You is love because any emotion you feel that does not feel really good is contrary to the Truth of Your Self.

When you describe food or a movie as something you love it means that the food or the movie resonated with you in a positive way such that the Broader Self agreed with you thus producing positive emotion.

The emotion of love for food or a good movie is very similar to love for a person. When love for a particular food arises it is easy for you to differentiate the wonderful feeling as produced because the food was especially tasty. Love for a person is sometimes confusing because you do not understand what specifically is drawing from you the loving emotion.

When love is produced within relative to another human it is because something about them resonates well with you. One thing to understand is that only one emotion can be felt at any given time therefore you cannot feel love all the time. If you could then your guidance system (the emotions your Broader Self produces within you moment by moment relative to your surroundings) would fail for it could not communicate with you. Thus, in the moment that you stop focusing upon the things you like about the other person your guidance system must jump in and produce emotion relative to the new thing you are thinking about.

When you physicals stop focusing on the things you like about your loved one and focus instead upon the things you don’t like your guidance system sends you negative emotions. Sometimes you fall out of love because of these new emotions. We want you to understand the other person doesn’t necessarily change in any way. When you thought nice things the Broader Self  produced a feeling of love relative to that person. When you stopped thinking nice things and started thinking negative things the Broader Self produced negative feelings relative to the same person.

What we encourage you to look for in relationships is positive emotion in conjunction with a simple enjoyment of the others company. If you can look at things in the other person that produce negative emotion in you and genuinely want to find solutions then this may well be a person to consider for a long-term commitment.

Received September 22, 2013 at Lake Goodwin, Washington

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