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Significance of Comet Elenin and Other Celestial Bodies

Question:     There is a lot of information and hype over certain celestial bodies like a Comet Elenin being around and in line with planets during significant dates like 911 and October 28th. Some say that it could be a time … Continue reading

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Choose What Happens in Your Life

Offering from Higgins: Choose what happens in your life. Choose how you express yourself. A simple and effective way to do this is to craft a one sentence prayer. Repeat it every morning. Your prayer will naturally evolve into something … Continue reading

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More On Creating

Offering from Higgins: Regarding creating: You must walk forward into your future expecting that which you desire to be there. You must follow your impulses, intuition and emotions. You must consistently look for the best in every situation and avoid … Continue reading

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Change Your Perception of Your Life to Change Your Life

Question: Higgins, I’ve been following your directions as well as that of Abraham towards living a life I really like for many years now. Seven years I think. My life is better and I would never stop trying to apply … Continue reading

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Walk Into Your Future and Your Desires

Offering from Higgins: You physicals exist in a time/space scenario and you are here to create a physical representation of yourself. While you are non-physical, creation is easy and time/space do not exist so all things come to you quickly … Continue reading

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Master Intentional Creating

Offering from Higgins: Whatever It is that you want to appear in your life you must feel as though you are already It. If you want to attract thin you have to feel as though you already are thin. If you … Continue reading

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Finding Your Spiritual Gift

Question: How would a person recognize a special gift within themselves? I mean, if you’re a musician or a dancer or athlete, you know, but not everyone has such obvious gifts. Higgins: Quite right. It does seem that spiritual gifts … Continue reading

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