Walk Into Your Future and Your Desires

Offering from Higgins:

You physicals exist in a time/space scenario and you are here to create a physical representation of yourself. While you are non-physical, creation is easy and time/space do not exist so all things come to you quickly and easily.

Time and space feel thick and dense causing creation of the things you desire to feel slow and cumbersome. Such an amount of time exists between your creation and the arrival of that which you have created that most of you no longer understand the correlation between your thought/emotion/action and the events that occur in your life.

Everything you see and experience is created by you. It was created primarily in your past and all creation is a result of your thoughts, emotions and actions. Begin now to think about what you really want–not what society wants you to want, not what you’ve been taught you should want–but what makes you feel good when you think about the having of It.

Then walk forward into your future knowing that you will be offered ideas and opportunities to make your dreams reality and further, that if you will walk forward into your future far enough, whatever It is that you desire will be there waiting for you.

Received September 24, 2011 at Lake Goodwin, Washington

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