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How Can I Make My House Generate Positive Energy?

Question:     How can I make my house generate positive energy? Higgins:     You cannot make your house do anything however you can coax it to do what it wants to do anyway. Just as you radiate positivity when you feel good … Continue reading

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UFO Sighting?

Hi Cheryl and Higgins, My sister had an experience that she wants to make sense of. She was driving her car in rural northwestern PA when she felt overwhelming sleepy. The next thing she noticed was she was in a … Continue reading

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How Does Higgins’ Energy Get Onto The CD?

Question: Hi Cheryl and Higgins, How does the energy of Higgins get onto the audio CD recording and how does the music and sounds fit in? Higgins:     The energy we produce through the entity’s body and through the bodies of … Continue reading

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How do Crystals Affect the Human Body?

Question:     How do crystals affect the human body? Higgins:     Crystals affect the human body by virtue of their vibration the same way any one thing affects any other thing. The human body is crystalline in nature, though, and that is … Continue reading

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Leaving One Relationship For Another

Question:     Higgins, will you talk about leaving one relationship for another? Higgins:     There is a saying, wherever you go there you are. We consider leaving one relationship for another the same way we consider moving from one location to another … Continue reading

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What Happens When Your Heart Is Happy?

Question:     What happens when your heart is happy? Higgins:    A happy  heart is  indicative of a life being lived in harmony with one’s Eternal Truth. When the heart feels happy a positive, attractive vibration is emitted setting up a sort of chain … Continue reading

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Rain: A Blessing

Note from Cheryl:  On a particularly dreary, gray day in December when the rain came down as an indecisive but miserable mist I asked Higgins for a blessing for rain. Rain May each raindrop and every snowflake  That falls upon the face of … Continue reading

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Feel Excitement About The Day Ahead

Offering from Higgins: Many of you are coming to understand that you as individuals create the reality of day-to-day life. Some of you find the enormity of changing life from where you are to where you want to be cumbersome and difficult. For … Continue reading

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I Feel Self Discordant

Question:     I feel self discordant. Higgins:     Feeling discord with one’s self is not at all unusual. Remember that you are non-physical, eternal beings temporarily housed in a body. It is rather common to feel that the person staring back from the mirror … Continue reading

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A Bedtime Prayer

Note from Cheryl:     I’ve asked Higgins for some prayers and blessings.  A Bedtime Prayer When tomorrow comes may my body, mind and spirit work together in exquisite harmony to express the beauty of my soul. And when the beings of … Continue reading

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