I Feel Self Discordant

Question:     I feel self discordant.

Higgins:     Feeling discord with one’s self is not at all unusual. Remember that you are non-physical, eternal beings temporarily housed in a body. It is rather common to feel that the person staring back from the mirror isn’t you and has no connection to you at all because in most cases it doesn’t.

Athletes and dancers tend to feel more at home in their bodies because the body of choice is in harmony with their broader goal. The body can be likened to office space. The body is simply the location from which you are going to do your work.

Just as most of you will convert office space to function best for your needs and decorate it accordingly, preparing one’s body for housing the real you and decorating it to represent the real you is very rewarding because this helps to bridge the gap between the body and spirit.

Another aspect that often brings discord is the spiritual gap. Each of you is a magnificent being of Spirit. Each of you has a purpose for coming forth into this physical realm. Discord is felt when one does not live in harmony with the beauty of their Spirit as well as with their broader purpose for existence.

Make friends with your body. Begin acting like the person you want to be (not the person your family expects you to be and not the person your friends have come to expect you to be nor even the person society says you should be). Act like the kind, generous, carefree, fun-loving person you would be if you could be you.

Each of you comes equipped with a sort of nagging vision of your most magnificent self. In almost all cases the vision is so brilliant that it’s simply embarrassing to tell others about the magnificence that you know you are. These dreamvisionthoughts are kept in secret, rarely shared and rarely lived into. We want you all to start living into that dreamvisionthought of your most magnificent self. Then the discord you hold will melt away.

Received January 9, 2013 at Lake Goodwin, Washington

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