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Mobilization for Better Rather than Chaos?

Question:     You said in a recent post that the chaos we are experiencing on Earth right now is actually organization or mobilization towards a better life. Why do you say that? Higgins:     Life on Earth is all about contrast. We … Continue reading

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Chaos on Earth Actually Mobilization for Better

Higgins:    Life on Earth appears to be chaotic but actually things are organizing to be better than before. Higgins Live, July 3, 2012 at Everett, Washington

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Help By Radiating Peace

As I sat down tonight to meditate with Higgins before bed I asked, “How can I help settle this upsetting trend of warfare, plane crashes, fires and (so on)?” The response was not that I should meditate but that I … Continue reading

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Is Website Hype or Significant?

Question:     Many sites like this: are spreading information….. but is it all just Hype or is there really some significance?? Cheryl:     As with the WingMaker’s site, this site is large and we briefly reviewed the site together but by … Continue reading

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What does Higgins Think of the WingMaker’s Website?

Question:     I’m curious what you and Higgins would have to say about the information on this website: Cheryl:     I read quite a few pages and checked out a couple of other websites including however the volume of information … Continue reading

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From Higgins’s live session September 4, 2013: Lack of war is not peace. To have peace one must be peace. A side effect of peace is lack of war.

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What Does Peace Of Mind Look Like?

Question:     What does peace of mind look like? So far I have really only been able to envision it as the absence of anxiety, but I understand that saying, “I want to not be anxious,” over and over again would … Continue reading

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