Clarification upon Higgins’ Message

Question:  (Re: Urgent Message from Higgins posted March 25, 2018)

That is quite startling coming from Higgins. Can I ask is this an Earthly Force or something from the Galactic side of things? When you say Great Force, it sounds like something from off of our planet. I would just like to know if it is a human cause or something planetary like a comet or huge solar flash. Thanks for the words.

Higgins:  It is neither a comet nor a huge solar flash. The march yesterday, although intended for good, produced a significant amount of angry energy. All that energy acts sort of like a skier crossing a snowy slope and causing an avalanche. Certainly unintended but with potentially unhappy outcome just the same.

Whatever it is that you do to ground yourself, do it. Stabilize the ‘snow’ before an avalanche occurs.

It is entirely possible to do and we encourage you to not be lazy about getting to it. Set a tone of peaceful happiness now.

Received March 25, 2018 4:02 PM

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