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From Higgins’ Live Session December 2, 2013

In our last live session a new being addressed us. He stated that he is in physical form on some other planet. He made comments regarding the Shift of the Ages although he didn’t refer to it as that. What … Continue reading

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As Humans What Are We Working Up To?

Question:     All these lives, past, present and future…what are we working up to? Higgins:     Energy exists. God/Allah/Creator is energy. That is all that exists anywhere. That means then that you are energy both in physical format and non-physical format. Creation occurs … Continue reading

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Clarifying Feelings, Emotion and the Emotional Scale

Question:     Is Higgins making a distinction between feelings and emotion when he has us picture the emotional scale/ladder from 0-100 with the need for humanity to raise its vibration if we are to make the shift we are in the middle of … Continue reading

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On Stillborn Babies

Question: I do have a question about life and death, especially with regards to ‘stillborn’ babies for Higgins: Higgins, greetings and thank you for sharing your wisdom and truth. I often find myself smiling at your responses to our questions…  A … Continue reading

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Feels Incapable and Anxious

Question:     How do I stop depending on others for so much? I don’t feel capable of doing anything on my own, and deal with constant anxiety. I am pushing people away. Any advice? Higgins:     This is a beautiful question. It … Continue reading

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Take Advantage of the Energies Circulating at this Time

Question:     Yeah… Does Higgins have any advice as far as taking advantage of the energies during this time?  Do they see any significance from their persepective or is it all our own making mountains out of mole hills?  🙂    just … Continue reading

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Finding a Word to Define Your Life

Offering from Higgins: The Earth is changing. It has been changing for some time now and will continue to change for many more years. To minimize discomfort and maximize opportunity during this transition we recommend you find a word to define your … Continue reading

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