Where Is Mankind Heading? (Part Two)

Question:    Where is mankind heading?

Note from Cheryl:     part one was published September 26, 2012

Higgins:     Understand that mankind is on a journey to reconnect with their personal source of eternal wisdom. The Earth itself and all things upon it, whether rocks or bees, are sentient beings. The Earth is on a journey of self-unfolding just as you are and in its process of self-discovery and self-actualization the Earth is speeding up. It is not zooming along faster in its orbit, instead the body of the Earth is vibrating faster.

Think of a single molecule. Each molecule vibrates its own rate. The Earth vibrates, too. In what is being called The Shift of The Ages all that is happening is that the Earth’s vibration is increasing.

What this means for mankind is that mankind (and all other beings upon the planet) must increase the speed of their vibration to match the Earth’s new vibration. Any beings not matching the Earth’s new vibration will be figuratively thrown off, like a cowboy tossed from the back of a bucking horse.

Humans are capable of vibrating within a range from slower to quicker. These vibrations are experienced as emotions. Slow emotions feel like depression and disabling fear, mid-range vibrations encompass rage/anger/frustration/impatience while quicker vibrations feel like hope, happiness and compassion.

With planet Earth’s increase in vibration mankind must improve their own vibration to stay upon the planet. What this means for mankind is that the lowest range of emotion  any of you will be able to carry will be higher than before and therefore the most negative of emotions will not be attainable.

Where is mankind heading? To answer that we ask you: what will mankind be able to envision, to create and to live when the slowest, most uncomfortable emotions no longer exist, when the midrange emotion is hope rather than anger and when the higher end emotions are beyond bliss?

Where is mankind heading? You tell us what you want to do, what you want to create and what sort of life you want to live….then we’ll all know…for you are creating what is to come right now.

Received October 2, 2102 at Lake Goodwin, Washington

From Cheryl:    Go to higginsandco.bandcamp.com. There is a 15 minute musical meditation called Earthbliss Relaxation. Meditate to this to experience the new Earth vibration that is coming soon!

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