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Afraid to Fly

Question:  Regarding your last entry, I am afraid to fly and every time I fly or think about flying I get an alarm going off inside and have the impulse not to get on that plane.  How would I know … Continue reading

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Do People Agree to be Killed by Nuclear Bombs and Earthquakes?

Question:  I cannot believe that the people who were killed by the nuclear bombs we dropped on Japan agreed to that.  I also cannot believe that all those people killed in earthquakes, tsunamis or even plane crashes agree to that. … Continue reading

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Where is Mankind Headed in the 2012 Shift?

Question:  Will you share more about the direction mankind is heading in the 2012 shift? Higgins:  Of course. You will notice that your country seems on the brink of collapsing under its own economic weight. This is magnificent from our … Continue reading

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Surely No One Agrees to be a Murder Victim?

Question:  When you say, regarding allowing, that none other creates in our life experience unless we agree to it, surely no one agrees to be a murder victim.  No one agrees to be robbed. Higgins:  Friend, that is exactly what … Continue reading

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Definition of Allowing

Offering from Higgins: Allowing: None other creates in your experience unless you have agreed with it in some way. Agreement is vibrational and while you may be unaware that you have agreed with any given thing, vibrational alignment is the … Continue reading

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I Want to be Treated Better

Question:  Regarding intentional creation, if I have a concrete idea of what I want like I want a new car or I want to write a book, then there are steps I can take to achieve those things.  But what … Continue reading

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Intentional Creation

Question:  Will you discuss intentional creation of our lives? Higgins:  Your physical lives are created by your thoughts, words and deeds and your beliefs regarding them.  The more strongly you believe a thing the more quickly that thing (and/or metaphorical … Continue reading

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Regarding Osama bin Laden

Question:  It seems that many Americans rejoice bin Laden’s death.  I simply do not feel happiness for his death.  I feel sadness instead that we Americans continue to feel that might is right.  I perceive us as war mongers rather … Continue reading

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When Bad Things Happen

Offering from Higgins: When something bad happens to  you, something you don’t like, look at it very hard. There is good in it for you.  By searching your feelings carefully you will find a surface emotion and beneath it the … Continue reading

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