I Want to be Treated Better

Question:  Regarding intentional creation, if I have a concrete idea of what I want like I want a new car or I want to write a book, then there are steps I can take to achieve those things.  But what if I what want is something like I want to be treated better by other people?

Higgins:  As with all things we encourage you to increase your vibration surrounding the topic and then you will be treated better.  That is the broad answer.

If we take a narrower view then we may suggest some techniques for achieving your goal of being treated better by others:

One–envision yourself in a situation that has occurred that was upsetting to you.  Now envision yourself in that same situation but this time make the outcome suit your vision of being treated better.  This will assist you in changing how people treat you in the future.

Two–before you meet with a person who is difficult for you think about some things that you honestly admire about them.  That will initiate some positive vibration between you before the meeting occurs thus promoting the possibility and probability that they will treat you well.

Three–dress yourself each day and present yourself always as a person deserving of being treated with respect and courtesy.

These are three ways you can begin now to vibrationally align with being treated well by others.

Received May 9, 2011 at Lake Goodwin, Washington

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