Intentional Creation

Question:  Will you discuss intentional creation of our lives?

Higgins:  Your physical lives are created by your thoughts, words and deeds and your beliefs regarding them.  The more strongly you believe a thing the more quickly that thing (and/or metaphorical equivalents of it) will arrive in your life experience.

Should you choose to create purposefully then all you need to do is choose what you think about.  Words and deeds should then support your ideas.  If you will consistently turn your thoughts, words and deeds toward the successful achievement of your idea then it will eventually appear in your life experience.

That thing of your desires will be yours when you align vibrationally with it and that is the belief part.  You must believe you can have that which you desire or the achievement of it will elude you.

Let us provide an example:

The first thing you do is think of something you’d like and let’s say that you’ve decided you’d like to improve your relationship with your spouse.

Once the decision has been made to improve the relationship and you are committed to the decision, impulses will be offered by your broader being that will, when acted upon, lead you towards an improved relationship with your spouse.

The important parts of creation are: firstly, receiving an idea of what it is you want to achieve and secondly, aligning with the achievement of it and alignment occurs with total commitment.  When one of you physicals decides to do something and is fully committed to it then the achievement of it is only some number of achievable, sequential action steps away–in essence, only a matter of time.

Received May 8, 2011 at Lake Goodwin, Washington

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