Regarding Osama bin Laden

Question:  It seems that many Americans rejoice bin Laden’s death.  I simply do not feel happiness for his death.  I feel sadness instead that we Americans continue to feel that might is right.  I perceive us as war mongers rather than peace bringers.  Will you help put bin Laden’s death into perspective for me?

Higgins:  The only thing Osama bin Laden did was reflect the beliefs of your nation as a whole.  He did not like you, as a whole, because you reflected his own fears and insecurities. As a whole, you hated and feared him because he reflected the worst of yourselves. You simply did not like what you saw and sought to eradicate it, just as he did.

We suggest you thank this loving, vibrant, vital soul for showing you so clearly who you are not and act accordingly.

The United States of America and a large portion of its population continues to be heavily influenced by its birth.  Your war for independence from Great Britain left a vibrational scar that as a country you repeat over and over again.  For this nation there has always been some metaphorical bully picking on you and as a country your solution has been to fight. If you will look within your homes and lives you will see the metaphor reflected there repeatedly as well.

Look at movies and television programming.  The bully continually is outplayed by the skill and might of the hero.

Many of those inhabiting the USA are thusly programmed.

If one will instead seek to respond from a centered place of connection with your truth, as you have done, one will begin to have ideas for more harmonious ways to solve conflict. As a people, you will need to start by using these ideas to change your home life.  As you apply more harmonious, creative and allowing ideas in the home your lives will change. Then your lives will change outside the home and finally be reflected within communities, states, regions, nation and finally these kinder more gentle solutions will be reflected in relations with other nations around the globe.

(Our use of the word allowing: we use allowing to mean letting others do what they want without fear that what they do can influence or affect your own life experience.  None other ever creates in your experience without your agreement.  You may not be aware of how it is that you agree but none the less you do agree.  We will address the idea of allowing in an upcoming segment.)

Received May 7, 2011 at Lake Goodwin, Washington

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